November 14, 2010

November is starting out to be a really exciting month! We are still using the idea of  “we are who we are” to frame our work. Students are now relating their feelings to the idea of “texture” and are creating sculptures that use different surfaces to express emotion.  Some students are working with cardboard; others are using an assortment of materials, including paper, wood and fabric. Their pieces are happy, funny, silly and scary; they are sharp, scaly, bumpy, round, hard, fuzzy, smooth, soft, shiny and puffy. It is fascinating to see how each student comes up with a unique way to sculpt a range of emotions – everyone is bringing something to the table.


October 20, 2010

I am really excited about all the projects going on during the open studio class. Earlier, I challenged the students to create pieces of art that demonstrated the similarities between all the world’s people.  I wanted them to show through art that “we are who we are” and that by accepting themselves and others they can better understand the commonalities between us.

Some students have decided to create marionettes, and design background scenery and perform a skit on tolerance.  One student is creating a book on the computer and plans to illustrate it.  Others have designed large, life-sized dolls of fabric onto which we will photo-transfer images of their faces.  It’s really interesting to see how each person interprets and uses different mediums to make a concept their own.



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